Families for Christ (FFC)


A ministry for Colony residents and graduates


The Addiction Recovery ministry of Families For Christ is designed specifically for the married men in the Colony of Mercy and their wives who are active in the Women of Character program.  This ministry is also available for the couples after graduation.  They are invited to come back for the once-a-month weekend and continue the process of growth, change and restoration that began during their time in the Colony through FFC.  This ministry is NOT available to individuals or couples who are not either a resident or graduate of the Colony of Mercy ministry.


The purpose of Families for Christ is to provide an environment for a couple to pursue and experience restoration in their marriage relationship which has been negatively impacted by the sin of addiction.  The teachings grounded in the sufficiency of Jesus Christ for salvation, sanctification, and reconciliation begin to birth hope and healing in their marriage. Through teachings and seminars, Biblical counseling and fellowship, the weekend provides opportunity to better understand and experience “Real Victory” that can only come through personal relationship with and submission to the Lord Jesus Christ.



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