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Colony of Mercy, Women and Family Ministries


Who needs to call for the application?

While we can certainly go over our program plan with a friend or loved one, the applicant will be the one who needs to request his application.


How can I reach a Chaplain? 

The extensions for the Colony chaplains are as follows: Jim Freed ext. 1043, Ralph Ritter ext. 1042, Bill Pruitt ext. 1044,  Rick Brickey  ext. 1039, Stan Marsh, ext. 1032.  Our admissions office may be reached (Monday through Friday, 8a - 4p)at ext. 1046.  If you cannot get a chaplain immediately, you may leave a message on his voice mail or you can contact Guest Services during normal business hours. For emergencies after hours, please call 732.674.6703.


How do I get in touch with a resident at the Colony?

Usually, this is done through the man’s chaplain.  We will encourage the man to write home while on orientation (his first 30 days at a minimum).  However, if there is a family emergency, you can call the main number to speak with any chaplain on duty.  The men cannot receive calls on the payphones at the Colony.  You can also write. 

Please address to:

America’s Keswick

601 Route 530

Whiting, NJ 08759-3599

attn.: (resident’s name) Colony of Mercy on the envelope as mail gets sorted from a central location and is distributed to the various areas on campus.


How can I find out who my loved one’s counselor is?
Any chaplain can tell you that. Just call the main number and ask for the chaplain on duty.  If he is counseling, you may have to leave a message on his voice mail.  However, he should return your call in a timely fashion. 


I need to speak with someone about visiting a resident.  Can I attend the Wednesday / Sunday night services with me son/husband/father? 
During the man’s Orientation (first 30 days) we would ask that you refrain from attending our chapel services as they may serve as a distraction to the man.  He is just learning how to get his life together and in a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.  Any distraction at this crucial stage could prevent that from happening and even jeopardize his stay as he may be tempted to leave with family afterwards.  After the Orientation stage is over, he will contact you about setting up visits and chapel services.  He has to sign-up who will be visiting him for either Saturday or Sunday visits.  On Visit weekend (every OTHER week) visiting hours are from 12:30 – 8:00 PM Saturday and 1:00 - 7:30 PM Sunday where you are free to join us for the evening chapel service.


Do you have a women’s ministry? 

Currently, we work with the wives of men in the program through the Women of Character Program.  However, we are in the development stages of a women’s residential program. 


Can I call for my loved one who is on the waiting list? 

Because we place a high level of personal responsibility on the individual, the person desiring help must be the one who actually makes the phone calls.  The help we offer begins as he takes responsibility for his life and calls on a weekly basis.  This indicates to us that he is actively interested in getting help for his life.




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