1. The Word of God ‑ This is the foundation of everything we do at America’s Keswick. We are committed to the practical, expository teaching of God's Word in our conference and addiction ministries. 
2. Victorious Christian Life ‑ The message of the Victorious Christian life is a distinctive that sets us apart from other conferences and addiction ministries. It is the foundation of our addiction ministries:
     a.  salvation
     b.  a life of sustained fellowship with God
     c.  obedience and holiness
     d.  victory over sin
     e.  power and service through Christ as Savior, Lord and Life, and
     f.   God’s call to all as missionary Christians to share this with others to the            uttermost parts of the earth.   
3. Addiction Recovery Ministry ‑ The heart of the Keswick ministry is our addiction ministries. The conference ministry provides us the vehicle to raise the visibility of the addiction recovery ministries and tell the story of how God transforms lives. 
4. Prayer ‑ Prayer must undergird every phase of this ministry. We will strengthen and increase our circle of prayer partners, our regional prayer teams, and continue to provide prayer warriors for each conference.
5. Missions ‑ Historically, Keswick has had a significant missions emphasis.  Only eternity will reveal how many men and women have served the Lord on the mission field as a result of commitments made at Keswick. Our emphasis on home and foreign missions is vital in fulfilling our stated purpose.
6. Outreach to the Community ‑ Unlike many conference centers, Keswick has been strategically placed in a large, active community. We must plan programs designed to evangelistically reach the people in the community and surrounding areas. 
7. Ministry to families of all ages ‑ Our major conference programming will be planned to be inclusive, rather than exclusive.  Our desire is to see our conferences designed so that people of all ages will be comfortable worshiping, studying and fellowshipping together. Target conferences will be available from time to time designed to meet specific needs.
8. Integrity ‑ We are committed to integrity in all areas: mission, purpose, program, facility, and finance. 
9. Fiscally Responsible and Operationally Sound ‑ We are committed to being good stewards of the monies and property that the Lord has entrusted to us.  We are committed to maintaining donor integrity.
10. Commitment to Excellence ‑ As stated in our Mission Statement, we are committed to excellence in everything we do both in the Addiction Recovery and Conference ministries.   

Adopted September 1998


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