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Helping You Balance Your Personal Dreams and Giving Goals

As a faithful steward of your finances, you’ve worked diligently for your money and strived to make the most tax-wise decisions regarding your budget, investing for the future and blessing your family. Meanwhile, when you’ve seen a need, you’ve also made it a priority to give…touching lives through donations to charities and ministries. Through our partnership with the planned-giving experts at Ambassador Advisors, LLC, we can help you balance your personal dreams with your giving goals, maximizing your charitable efforts through sound planning advice.


Designing a Strategy to Give the Right Asset at the Right Time

A myriad of financial strategies exist. Balancing personal goals for you and your family with charitable interests is an ongoing challenge that requires personal attention, a depth of resources and, most importantly, the right guidance from financial professionals who are recognized as some of the best in the industry. That’s where our partnership with Ambassador Advisors comes in!


The Federal Government has provided incentives for charitable giving, such as income tax deductions, capital gains reduction and estate tax minimization. Because of this, giving to any charitable organization can be maximized and taxed minimized through proper planning and solutions designed with your unique situation in mind.


We work with Ambassador Advisors because of their commitment to helping individuals like you and charities like us achieve goals. By designing a strategy to give the right asset at the right time, Ambassador Advisors can help you increase tax benefits while protecting your future needs and stretching your giving dollars. The result is that you maximize the impact of your gift and your favorite charities are able to Do More® of what you are passionate about!


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