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Colony of Mercy

The Colony of Mercy program is a two phase program consisting of residential phase which is a minimum of 120-days, and an 8 month, non-residential aftercare phase in which the man partners with his local church for counseling mentoring, and encouragement. Together they complete a one-year program. Biblical in foundation, the goal is spiritual transformation which results in freedom from the bondage of addiction. 

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Barbara's Place

Barbara's Place is a house that accommodates 8 women (18+) and is a two phase program consisting of a residential phase which can range from about 6 months to one year. The program is designed to specifically address and meet the needs of women desiring to be free from the bondage of addiction, and firmly rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the saving work of the cross and a personal relationship with Jesus as the only means of salvation and victorious living.

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ENRICH is how we serve and minister to all those in need of Healing, Help, and Hope.  The purpose of ENRICH is to come alongside men and women to help them enrich their lives and relationships as they are taught and encouraged from the Word of God. ENRICH finds it's motivation in Paul's call in Titus 2 for seasoned Christians to teach others how to live godly lives, and to respond in a godly fashion in our relationships. Above all, Paul reminds us that the greatest relationship we are called to is our personal relationship with Christ. 

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