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Things to Consider When Selecting a Retreat Venue

Posted by Retreat Planning on Saturday, February 4, 2017 @ 11:24 AM

Things to Consider When Selecting a Retreat Venue

There's a lot to consider when choosing your retreat venue. Planning a retreat involves so much more than just a space that fits your budget. So what are some of the other important factors that should be considered before selecting a retreat venue?  Let's take a look!

Ask the Right Questions When Selecting a Retreat Venue

Ask the Right Questions

During the venue selection, you should ask plenty of questions. It's important to make sure that everything goes well during your retreat. So here's some of the important questions to ask before booking your retreat venue.

How many participants can be accommodated for an overnight retreat?

Large groups may have a hard time finding a venue that can accommodate everyone. Depending on if this is a day retreat or a weekend event, you'll want to make sure that there are enough rooms or other accommodations for everyone. It's important to remember that other venues may have a minimum attendance policy, so be sure all the requirements will be met. 

Are multiple retreat groups hosted or will the venue be exclusive?

Depending on your specific group's needs, you'll want to make sure the venue will offer the appropriate environment. For example, if your retreat is for a smaller ladies group, you may not want to be sharing the grounds with another event for a large youth group.

What types of recreation activities are available for overnight retreat guests?

Of course, you want your retreat to be fun and engaging, so make sure there are plenty of things to do for everyone in your group. This can include:

  • pools
  • beach fronts
  • zip lines
  • outdoor activities (basketball, volleyball, etc)
  • relaxation (jacuzzi, sauna, etc.)

What is the payment policy for overnight retreat bookings?

Budget is a huge factor in planning a retreat, so this is one of the most important questions you can ask. Be sure to find out what kind of deposit is expected, as well as, how far in advance the deposit will be required. You'll also want to ask about return and cancellation policies with your potential retreat venue. 

Are changes to the reservation for an overnight retreat allowed?

Cancellations within your group are inevitable. This can lead to scheduling, rooming, and meal planning changes. So, it's important to know how the venue can handle this and when these changes must be made prior to arrival. 

Are meals provided for group retreats?

In most cases, venues will prepare food for groups. This can be a banquet or buffet style, so be specific with your group's dietary restrictions and make sure that the venue can accommodate them. If your group wishes to bring your own food, make sure that the venue can offer a place for preparation.  

What are the specific policies on conduct for group retreats?

Some venues have specific restrictions regarding the conduct of your group. This can include:

  • smoking
  • presence of pets
  • curfew
  • noise levels

Be sure to clearly understand all the expectations and policies of the potential venue to avoid any misunderstandings during your event. 

The Big Picture - Selecting a Retreat Venue

The Big Picture

While these aren't the only questions that should be on the list, this is certainly a great place to start. This short list can definitely get you on the right path to choosing the best retreat venue for your group. Check out the article at for more tips.

If you are looking for a fantastic retreat venue for your group, the friendly staff at America's Keswick are happy to answer any questions you may have about our venue and accommodations for your group event. Contact us today to speak with one of our professionals and discover the fantastic events and opportunities we can offer for your group retreat. 

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